12 Bizarre Sexual Fetishes

The rule on the internet is that if you can think of it, someone would have already made a dirty movie out of it.

Here’s a list of unusual fetishes a.k.a. paraphilia (some of them possibly borders on psychiatric disorders).

Warning: these posts may make you feel uneasy.


Have you ever seen a mannequin or doll that you just find attractive and want to do inappropriate things with?

Well, we don’t but people who have agalmatophilia do – it is the sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar body-shaped objects.


Talking about inanimate objects, some people get wood thinking about wood and they are no tree-huggers.


Sometimes relationships turn cold and that’s a bad thing. People who find pleasure from being cold or watching others freeze have psychrophilia.


Some people love cars and then there are some who really love their cars.


Imagine a thousand insects crawling on you but instead of fear, you feel pleasure. Some people get off on the tingling and stinging sensation.


Often called a scat fetish, people who find faeces sexually arousing have coprophilia.

We won’t go on describing it but you can probably see more here on PornHub (may not be suitable for some viewers).


Sometimes we spice things up in the bedroom with dirty talk but some people get off on soiling or disheveling the object of their desire.


They say love doesn’t discriminate – even age. Gerontophilia is when a younger person is sexually attracted to someone very much older than themselves.


Not the same as pedophilia, autonepiophilia is the attraction to an adult baby. Imagine a grown man with diapers and a milk bottle.


Imagine you’re on a crowded train and getting excited about rubbing your genitals against someone – that’s what a person with frotteurism gets excited over.


We all love animals and we sometimes think about our pets. But a person with zoophilia thinks about human to animal sex and gets aroused by it.


You wouldn’t get a boner thinking about Pennywise from It but people with coulrophilia do. I mean Bill Skarsgård isn’t bad looking but Pennywise?



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