my name is Sarah Haywood.

Let me tease and tantalize your senses, arouse your curiosity and give you a taste of who I am.

An exotic creature, with long dark hair and deep honey brown eyes, I do love to play, as no doubt you do.

Imagine briefly if you can.

You knock upon my door, and as I open it, a sensuous smile plays across my lips, then you see in my eyes that the fun is about to unfold.

Before you, a slim yet curvy, sun kissed lady, reaches for your hand. Pulling you into her world, full of pleasures of the mind and body.

A pure hedonist through and through, let me please and pamper you.

With lust & passion,

Sarah Haywood xx

Light GFE:
Perhaps you're new to this world of exquisite delights and temptations or maybe you're not, for what ever reason you're content for now with just dipping your toes into this realm of sensually gratifying play.

Light GFE 30min $200
Light GFE 1hr $350
Light GFE 1.5hrs $500
Light GFE 2hrs $650
Light GFE 3hrs $950

* Light GFE Lunch Date Special 3hrs $750 *
* Light GFE Dinner Date Special 4hrs $900 *

Light GFE Flexi-Time (up to 7 hours) $1400
Light GFE Clock Free (up to 10 hours) $1900
Light GFE Overnight Special (14 - 16hrs) $2500

Outcalls + $50 and cost of taxi/Uber

Classic/Standard GFE:
For lovers who have dipped their toes in and wish to go deeper.

Classic GFE 30min $250
Classic GFE 1 hour $400
Classic GFE 1.5 hour $600
Classic GFE 2 hours $750
Classic GFE 3 hours $1100

* Classic GFE Lunch Date Special 3hrs $850 *
* Classic GFE Dinner Date Special 4hrs $1000 *

Classic GFE Flexi-Time (up to 7 hours) $1500
Classic GFE Clock Free (up to 10 hours) $2000
Classic GFE Overnight Special (14 - 16 hours) $2900

Outcalls + $50 and cost of taxi/Uber

Passionate GFE:
Full of lust and passion and just a little bit naughtier than the standard GFE.

Passionate GFE 30 min $300
Passionate GFE 1 hour $500
Passionate GFE 1.5 hr $750
Passionate GFE 2 hrs $1000

* Passionate GFE Lunch Date Special 3hrs $1000*
* Passionate GFE Dinner Date Special 4hrs $1500*

Passionate GFE Flexi-Time (up to 7 hours) $2000
Passionate GFE Clock Free (up to 10 hours) $2500
Passionate GFE Overnight (14 - 16 hours) $4000

Elite PSE:
The creme de la creme, reserved only for those who wish to experience the very best in hedonistic pleasures. Elite PSE give you the option to include Nuru for free as well as many other pleasures, guaranteed to put a smile on your dial for a very long time xx

Elite PSE 1 hr $800
Elite PSE 1.5 hrs $1200
Elite PSE 2 hrs $1600
Elite PSE 3 hrs $2400

* Elite PSE Lunch Date Special 3hrs $1400 *
* Elite PSE Dinner Date Special 4hrs $1800 *

Elite PSE Flexi-Time (up to 7hrs) $2500
Elite PSE Clock Free (up to 10hrs) $3000
Elite PSE Overnight Special (14 - 16hrs) $4000

Exotic Relaxation
15min $100
30min $150
1 hr $250
1.5 hrs $350
2 hrs $500

Saucy Relaxation
15min $150
30min $200
1 hr $300
1.5 hrs $400
2hrs $550

Premium Relaxation
15min $200
30min $250
1 hr $350
1.5 hrs $450
2 hrs $600

Ultimate XXX Relaxation
15min $300
30min $500
1hr $800
1.5hrs $1200
2hrs $1600

I adore seeing men and women intimately one on one as much as I adore being able to spice up the love life of couples, therefore I only charge an extra $100 an hour to do so (or $50 an hour with Flexi - Time & Clock Free Packages)

Let's get hot and steamy in the shower before moving into the boudoir where I will slide all over and under your body endeavouring to caress as many parts of your body with as many parts of my body as possible, for a true body to body experience using warm Nuru gel. Nuru is one of my most popular experiences. The option to experience Nuru for yourself is included for free with my Ultimate XXX Relaxation and PSE packages or simply add $100 to include it with any of my other experiences xx

Great for dinner/movie dates and leisurely Sunday sessions, Flexi-Time gives us the flexibility to really enjoy each other and go with the flow. Available any day between the hours of 10am and 10pm xxx

Clock Free:
Clock Free packages are designed to give us free reign to create those magic experiences that seem to emerge impulsively out of the blue, when one has the grace of time on their side. NOTE: My Clock Free packages can be split over 2 occasions to suit you best xx

Tailored Drive Me To You Packages:
Brisbane to Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. Minimum booking required is $700 + cost of transport & travel time. Travel time calculated at approx $100 an hr.

Tailored Fly Me To You Packages:
I adore being able to pack a simple day pack and jetting off to see my lover!! Minimum $1500 appointment is required + cost of transport, travel time and any accommodation costs. Minimum deposit required to secure a Tailored Fly Me To You Package is 50%.

When requesting an appointment please send a text stating:
* Your Name
* Location (when I'm touring I may have ads up all over Australia)
* Where you saw my ad
* Which service you're after
* Date and Time you would like to meet

SMS preferred as I'm not always able to answer the phone xx

NOTE: Please add cost of travel to all outcalls. Private numbers will never be answered, and neither will rude text messages. Early morning/late night appointments may attract a surcharge. Tantra, Role Playing and other services also available, please enquire to find out more xx



Open hours today: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

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